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elliotté p. joel wounded poems

Wounded Poems (2022)

Typ projektu

neperiodická publikácia


1. vydanie (SR a ČR) - Martin: Publico. 2022.
2. vydanie (USA) - Redwood City, California: Publishdrive. 2023.

"Watch me be born, watch me bloom and then die, watch me resurrect."
- Elliotté P. Joel on Wounded Poems

"Deep poems and conceptual metaphors!"
- Alisa Velaj

"Very interesting, refreshing, paradoxically natural!"
- Ida Sieciechowicz

The debut poetry collection of Slovak-American author Elliotté P. Joel offers a time-lapsing observation of young poet's works captured from the age of 15 to 19. This literary work established a unique and novel genre of contemporary poetry - nonsensical impressionism.

The prevalent subject of rejection and loss, as well as dissociation from society and the conventional way of living, can be found contrasting alongside subjects of profound love and the wandersome freedom of mind.

With a vivid flow of words accompanied by almost otherworldly imagery, Joel equips her poetry with both emotional and intellectual stimulation.

Despite a few obstacles that could have been a disadvantage, such as Joel having English as a second language or her being barely 20 during the time of publishing, Wounded Poems gained major success in the USA, Great Britain, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.

• zbierka lyrizovanej prózy v anglickom jazyku rozdelených do troch kapitol
• predstavuje vlastný žáner nonsenzický impresionizmus s prvkami surrealizmu a existencializmu
• ilustrované vlastnými fotografiami
• tematika straty, nešťastnej lásky a melanchólie
• tlačená aj elektronická podoba

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