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Seek the Upside Eyes, There are Two. (2023)

Project type

unperiodic publication


Redwood City, California: PublishDrive. 2023.

Minor Awards

BookVision2024 (finalist)

Breakage, new beginnings: polarity of hope and continuing melancholy.

"This splendid work forms nonsensical impressionism even more, bringing it a minimalistic and rigorous shape. Elliotté returns to the roots, presenting her poetry in a livelier, more intimate and vulgar way than ever known of her."

• Seek the Upside Eyes, There are Two. (2023) caused me to be the first Slovak to be nominated for Page Turner Book Award 2023 in Best Genre category
• collection of lyrical prose in English divided into three chapters
• genre of nonsensical impresionism with surreal and existential elements
• themes of seeking the new beginning
• illustrated by own acrylic paintings, own cover design
• print book and e-book

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